The graduate of St. Anthony School must be as truly Christ-like individual to live God’s word in the context of service and morals as exemplified by Christ and Mary.
St. Anthony School, Singalong is committed to:
1. produce Christ-centered students,
2. create an educative community permeated by the gospel values;
3. foster and nourish filial love of Mary, of Christ, and the Church
4. imitate, understand and appreciate the ideals of St. Anthony of Padua through:
a. love and appreciation
b. love of work and service to other especially the poor, oppressed, underprivileged and other marginalized sectors of society
5. assist the students in the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and skills;
6. attain academic excellence,
7. develop a value system based on the core values of the school,
8. inculcate deeper consciousness and appreciation in preserving Filipino cultural heritage and national society,
9. develop among its constituents their personal and communitarian sense of accountability for the growth of all the members while respecting one’s individual uniqueness;
10. provide opportunities for students, personnel and parents to experience dynamic involvement at home, in school, parish and the community at large; and,
11. work for the attainment of national development goals through active involvement in the macro-educational system.